Castle: Sagunt


Today my Valencian friends took me on a trip to Sagunt and gave me some interesting insights in the history of the region:

We could see the castle of Sagunt from a distance, and after a short drive through the pretty centre of Sagunt, we paid it a visit. My friends told me the story of the drama that took place there centuries ago, which marks the beginning of the Second Punic War:
In 219 BC Hannibal attacked the castle in order to take the city from the Romans. For eight months the inhabitants of Sagunt managed to keep the gates closed, until they couldn't hold Hannibal back any longer. The story goes that the people of Sagunt, not willing to surrender, jumped into a fire and died before the army entered the castle...
The wide views over the landscape, and the absence of turist information signs at the ruins of the castle, help create a dreamy atmosphere in which you can let your imagination run free, and see the story come to life in this historical place.