Feeling at home
Our mission is to offer accommodation, where any person of any country in the world, of any age or gender, could feel the pleasant sensation of home.
Zalamera is a cozy bed & breakfast close to the old city center of Valencia, operated by a small team of warm Valencian neighbors and friendly world travelers. We like to approach every single guest individually, to help you to feel like a local in the city.

Local experience
Find out what things we like to recommend in Valencia in our blog or Facebook page. However, of course everyone has a different lifestyle. That's why we make a point out of you experiencing the city in your own unique way. We like to get to know your likes and dislikes, so we can give you personalized tourist information. We will keep you away from tourist traps and huge tourist activities, so you can have a genuine experience and explore the concept of "slow tourism" instead. And when you get home, you can really experience well being, sleeping in a comfortable bed, followed by a healthy breakfast at our sunny terrace.

We stand out for out elegant design, personal character, and our socially and environmentally sustainable philosophy. We do our best to offer you a comfortable stay and help you to enjoy your holiday with clear conscious. You will go home knowing that the environmental footprint that you and your fellow guests are leaving  is smaller than those in most of other accommodations in Valencia.
We save energy by using LED for your lights and biofuel for your hot water. Your shampoo is ecological, and so is the soap on your clean floors.
We reduce transport pollution by buying fresh, local products as much as we can. This way you are also helping to support the local community! When using imported goods, like chocolate and coffee, we choose fair trade or ecological products. Read more about the products we use here.

As we are a small business, we may not have a four star hotel service, but we like to be creative and spontaneous within our limits. We choose quality over quantity - what we do, we like to do well: we offer you the best products, a handcraft beer on our terrace, and personalized tourist information. And whenever you are in need of something specific, you can feel free to ask us. We are not here 24/7 - our receptionist is available for you until 21.00. During this time we like to help you with any questions you may have: we respect your personal space, but we are always close if you need us.

We are located right in between the historical old city of Valencia and the exciting area Russafa. Meanwhile a true mosaic of cultural diversity unrolls right around the corner, as our neighborhood itself is a "melting pot" of different cultures.