10 things to do on a date in Valencia!

By Klazien Schaap


It’s hard not to fall in love with this city. It’s even easier to fall in love in this city. With romance lurking around every street corner, it’s impossible to have a boring date. So grab your lover’s hand and hit the town!

Enjoy the view from the tower of Miguelete
The gothic bell tower ‘Miguelete’ of the Valencia Cathedral is named after its biggest bell: St. Miguel. Climb the 207 steps and don’t forget to give your sweetheart a dramatic kiss at the top.

Portray his (or her) special smile at Creperie Breton
If you feel like having pancakes after the descent of the bell tower, be sure to have them at Creperie Bretonne Annaick, at the foot of the tower. You will love its crazy interior: a scallop covered auto bus in the middle of the place contains the kitchen. But the defining thing that makes this restaurant so date worthy is a lot simpler: a small bowl of wax crayons on your table. You can draw each other’s portrait while waiting for your food. You can even draw your initials and lots of hearts on the colorful walls of the place.

People watching on the Plaza de la Virgen
Settle at the fountain and make up jokes about funny looking tourists, only the two of you understand.

Picnic at the Turia park
Up for a long romantic walk in the park? Do it in the Turia park, which is built on the old river bed of the Turia river. This 9 km long park has many idyllic hideaways to put down your picnic rug and share a bottle of cava.

Get frisky at the drive in cinema
If you want to take out your date the old fashioned way, why not go to the drive in cinema with your sweetheart? Never mind the Spanish overdubbed sound. Everybody knows that drive in cinema’s are not really about the movies anyway.

See a band
Like punk? Go underground! Valencia has an awesome underground scene and you can find the best bands playing at the Magazine Club. Have a beer, play some ‘foosball’ and just hang out with your sweetie.

Contemporary art at Ivam
Make your art loving friend happy by taking him or her to the Ivam, the contemporary art museum of Valencia. Geek out at the artistic avant-garde of the 20th century, from Abstract and Pop Art, through to European Informalism and the New Figurative movement.

The most beautiful sunset at lake Albufera
Here’s classic! You can’t go wrong with the breath taking sunsets above lake Albufera. It’s worth the 45 minute trip out of town. Rent a bike and enjoy the summer breeze, or take the bus from the city center. Once you arrive at the look-out, you can rent a little boat that will take you on the lake, far from the noisy roads.

Beer tasting
Zalamera chose to serve Tyris beer because it’s the best local brew of the city. Tyris even has its own tasting room. Do you want to taste the local flavor in a cozy atmosphere and hang out with the locals? Go to ‘Tyris on Tap’.

If all else fails: there’s always the botanical gardens
There’s no such thing to spike a sweet romance than a good botanical garden, right? It will be your quiet oasis, when you want to get away from the loud city.