The perfect way to slow down in Valencia after a day of heavy traveling


Meet Klazien! My friend from the Netherlands, where she runs a business as a dating coach. She is our guest for the coming week, and she will share her experiences in our blog. You can expect her Valencia dating tips soon :)


Living the Dream! That’s what many would call moving out of the dreary Netherlands to the always sunny Spanish coast to start a bed and breakfast.

My BFF Mechteld Kater thought 'Darn this rainy place!’, and made the leap. I had to check out this new conscious B&B in Valencia. And to take a well deserved break from Dutch hectic, of course. Is it really all that rosy? Well, it turns out it is, and then some!

All things conscious on a shoestring

If you’re anywhere as obsessed with leaving a small ecological footprint as I am, you’d love it at Zalamera. Every little detail in this place is either organic, locally produced or fair trade. From the fair trade bottles of body lotion to the Fritz-Kola bottles at the bar. The building’s energy is fuelled with ‘pellets’, a non-polluting biofuel. Mechteld also thought of fuelling her guests’ body and mind in a conscious way: the delicious ingredients of her amazing nourishing breakfasts are all locally produced and all natural.

And if you think that ‘Beautiful conscious designer hotel’ equals ‘designer prices’, think again! I didn’t spend more euro’s than the average Airbnb apartment.


After a tiring day of traveling from Amsterdam to Valencia, what’s a mindful girl to do? I could totally go for a siesta right now. We’re in Spain, after all. Mechteld has a much better idea. “Lets go for yoga. I know just the place”.


We take a walk from the hotel to Mechteld’s favourite yoga studio in the middle of Ruzafa, Valencia’s coolest neighbourhood. Street life in Ruzafa is pleasantly slow and social. Lots of quirky bars and restaurants, vintage shops and crazy street art. There’s a lively terrace on every street corner, where locals are sipping their vinos until deep in the night, taking their sweet little time.

Slow down

Yoga studio ‘Gobinde’ was exactly as I hoped it would be: tranquil and cozy. I couldn’t understand a word of Spanish, but there was lots of professional, personal attention, so what’s not to love? Floating like little feathers afterwards, Mechteld showed me her favourite Italian restaurant ‘Osteria’ nearby, a tiny place that’s easily missed. We had the best sardines, home made pasta and stew ever! Hostess Claudia offers us a super warm and personal welcome, as if we’ve known each other for years. In Osteria one easily get used to the low tempo of the city with a yummy glass of rosado in hand. And isn’t that what taking breaks is all about? Slowing down. Mission completed!

Already? I can’t believe this is only my first half day here!