There's lot of good things about the food in our street: it's varied, multicultural, affordable and above all: the restaurants have very extended opening hours. Where in the rest of the city the restaurants close between 16.00 and 20.30, on calle Pelayo there will always be something open for a hungry traveller.  

You can choose a restaurant from a number of different countries: several regions of China, the Caribbean, Bolivia, and of course Spain.  

Bolivian cheese bread
A few doors down, on number 56 you'll find Bolivian bar Pirai.
The Bolivian kitchen has a lot of meat, and if you're a vegan, you have no business here. However, for vegetarians they have extremely tasty cheese bread. We can't imagine our lives without it anymore ;)

Chinese bakery
Walking towards the center on the right side of the street, there's a Chinese pastry shop. This bakery is a rainbow of colours! You'll find cakes with different colours for each layer, and traditional Chinese pastries with different fillings. Enjoy!

Chinese kitchen
Frenazo (on the corner) is our favorite Chinese restaurant in the street. They come from a region of China near Shanghai, and they have been running the restaurant since 2010. Take some time to get familiar with the menu, as there's a lot to choose from. Shrimp, fish, duck, but also very nice tofu -, and vegetable dishes.

Spanish kitchen
Bar caña (on the other corner) is a typical Spanish family run cafeteria. Between 13.30 and 16.00 they offer a very traditional menu. We got a plate of lentils, a second course of fresh fish and a dessert for 8,-. They have a lot of regular customers that have been going there for decades, which is always a good sign!

If you prefer something a bit more modern, try the restaurant across the street, La Querencia. Their kitchen is also Spanish, but they are not afraid of some fusion on their daily menu. Don't expect anything too adventurous though.

Bubble tea
Towards the end of the street, next to the Trinquet, there's shop called Infragantea. It's an Asian hype called bubble tea: tea with jelly beans. Nice and refreshing in the summer. Not your place if you don't like sugar..

Indoor market
Maybe you would prefer to go for a picnic rather than a restaurant. Get your ingredients at el Mercado Jerusalem, where you will find fresh cheese, fruits, vegetables, ham, bread, even take away Paella. Most of your breakfast comes from this market too :)

Carribean bar
Sometimes, especially on Winter nights, we dream of the tropical summer. Walking into Maunoloa Food & Drink feels like being teleported to the Caribbean, because of the exotic smell that comes from the Dominican food, the refreshing taste of the mojitos and the warm, cheerful and musical atmosphere.